Mercury Mutual Fund Project Revival!

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Today's world crisis made it clear that humanity was not ready for sharp large-scale changes in the usual world order. It openly demonstrated to the overwhelming majority of working people that nobody needs their “work”, that they can easily do without them: almost all of us can be sent home for 2 months, while the functioning of the social system will not stop.

Although until recently, many of us thought that we were doing something very important, that our deadlines were burning, that the lives of other people depend on our work. Finally, it became clear to everyone that this was an illusion.

Now, in this new world, each person has only two options to choose: either independently, by trial and error, try to adapt to the changes that have taken place and gain their place in the sun, re-proving to everyone around their value, or to unite with experienced and strong people - those who have already walked this path of adaptation to constant changes, who spoke about the impending comprehensive global crisis 7 years ago and throughout all these years prepared for it, creating and developing all the necessary social and financial tools to overcome it.

The Mercury Community is the union of such people. We went through a very difficult path of formation and transformation: our government tried to close our projects, our banks frankly stole and appropriated banks, our ideas and developments are constantly used by numerous clone projects created by fraudsters to deceive people out of money.

Unfortunately, many times our participants themselves nearly destroyed us. Sometimes in difficult moments they raised a panic and threw our projects, as if on the move jumping out of the windows of a rushing train, which, no matter what, confidently continues on its way and would carry them for a long time, making them rich and happy along the road, if they were not so stupid, they simply trusted and did what the experienced leaders of our Community tell them.

Sometimes they, flattered by the extra profits promised by the scammers, took extra money out of our projects and carried it to the place where they composed a “solid” fairy tale for them, eventually losing everything there to a penny. Sometimes individual people specifically became participants in our Community, rubbed their trust in the leadership, received universal recognition, using the name of Mercury, earned a lot of money in our projects, and then at a convenient moment began to pour dirt on us, trying to discredit our reputation and lure our people into one-day project for pumping money.

But, in spite of all the above, one fact remains undeniable: today no one pays anything to anyone except Mercury!

No one Internet project, not one a single Ponzi scheme, nor highs, nor pseudo-projects that allegedly trade in gold, now pay their members.

Only Mercury at this critical time continues to pay regularly every week!

All of our projects are working, more and more people are joining them every day, the course of our cryptocurrency is growing, more and more people are expressing a desire to become a user of our payment system, which we created several years ago, anticipating the collapse of the existing banking system.

Today, in the midst of chaos reigning in the world, we were the only ones who met him prepared, having created over the past years an alternative, effectively functioning system of redistributing financial resources.

This unique system will help each participant in Mercury not only survive in a new yet incomprehensible world, but also provide reliable financial protection, help create wealth and prosperity, and bring long-awaited stability and confidence in the future.


  • All participants of the project ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in its evolution !!!
  • Any person who agrees with all the terms of the project can become a project participant.
  • To become a participant in the project, you need to register on the project website, confirm your agreement with all the conditions and within 3 days make a first contribution of 3000 rubles or more, at your discretion.
  • All contributions to the project are voluntary and gratuitous.
  • Funds contributed to the project cease to be yours at the time the contribution is made - from that moment they become the total money of all participants and are stored in the system under the control of the Custodians (selected participants that you trust).
  • Each participant can make any number of contributions.
  • The size of each installment may not be less than 3000 rubles.
  • Each contributor counts on REGULAR AWARDS (cash assistance). Bonuses are calculated daily throughout the year and depend on the total accumulated amount of your active contributions:
    • 0.5% per day for a contribution from 3 000 rubles
    • 0.6% per day for a contribution from 10 000 rubles
    • 0.7% per day for a contribution from 30 000 rubles
    • 0.8% per day for a contribution from 100 000 rubles
    • 0.9% per day for a contribution from 300 000 rubles
    • 1% per day for a contribution from 1 000 000 rubles
    • 1.1% per day for a contribution from 3 000 000 rubles
    • 1.2% per day for a contribution from 10 000 000 rubles
    • 1.3% per day for a contribution from 30 000 000 rubles
    • Years contribution
    • for a contribution from 3 000 rubles - 400%
    • for a contribution from 100 000 rubles - 420%
    • for a contribution from 250 000 rubles - 440%
    • for a contribution from 500 000 rubles - 460%
    • for a contribution from 1 000 000 rubles - 480%
    • for a contribution from 2 000 000 rubles - 500%
    • for a contribution from 3 000 000 rubles - 520%
    • for a contribution from 5 000 000 rubles - 550%
  • Participants of the accrued premiums MUST withdraw weekly.
  • Confirmation of applications for payments of participants is made by the Keepers every Tuesday.
  • The participant MUST confirm receipt of each payment by pressing the corresponding button in your account, otherwise the payments will be suspended.
  • Also, after receiving the money, MUST write a detailed comment on this. Write how the money received helped you, how your life has changed with the receipt of regular passive income. Your comments will contribute to the development of the project.


The project involves the payment of additional bonuses to particularly active participants.

For inviting new members, you will receive 7% of their contributions.

Participants who become Хранителями will receive 5% of all contributions in their cell.

Also, the Keepers, who will actively develop the structure and help other people become Keepers, will be able to receive bonuses from all contributions in the cells of the Keepers of their structure at all levels of depth to infinity!


If participation in such projects is prohibited in your country, we strongly recommend that you do not participate!

If, despite our recommendation, you decided to participate, then remember - this is your choice and your responsibility.